Demo '15

by Common Guilt

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released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Common Guilt Buffalo, New York

hardcore music

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Track Name: Sandra Bland
cold lifeless mugshot
the victim's fading smile
never faced a jury
dead before her trial
Track Name: Same Old Self
retracing my steps
i'm wasting my time
living in the past
my whole fucking life
beating down my footsteps
and digging up old bones
once a stranger to the darkness
but now it feels like home

same streetlights, new shadows
ive stretched myself too thin
same old self, he follows
i swear he'll never win

beating down my footsteps
and digging my own grave
id turn back the god damn clock
if i ever got my way

same streetlights, new shadows
ive stretched myself too thin
same old self, he follows
i swear he'll never win

ive seen faces lifeless
ive watched blood run cold
ive been weak and spineless
but now its getting old
Track Name: Death Bed
i never knew that i could dig myself so deep
i try to climb out but the walls are way too steep
i gave my all to a world that doesn't care
trapped in a haze but now i'm clearing the air

this cold world has knocked me down
i wont let this be my death bed
i know these things come back around
even though i'm being tested

these things keep piling up
weighing heavy on my spine
i guess it's just my luck
need to get this off my mind
Track Name: Shortsight
don't you dare put out your hand
how can you face me man to man
you're a fraud you're a fucking fake
a forked tongue like a fucking snake
you wear your mask but you're still the same
you can hide but you're still stuck with your name
stabbing the backs of everyone that you know
you'll get your payback at the end of the road

shortsighted, weak minded
only searching for the bottom of a bottle
shortsighted, weak minded
don't give a fuck about the world outside your bubble

asking for help from everyone that you meet
but you'll get nothing you can't shit where you eat

i've seen this world i know it well

i see your past in everything that you do
you've ruined this and my opinion of you
i hear your lies in everything that you say
you had my trust and now you've thrown it away